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Hello and welcome,
Hypnotherapy and Coaching, Essex 


Start living a new life by working with me to clear whatever is holding you back.  You may not be able to have children, or your husband may have left you because he has realised he is gay.  I help women who look as though they are doing well but, feel like a failure, feel shame, or  guilt, to overcome those feelings and get back to being the person you used to be, or someone even better. 


Remove those negative thoughts that keep you from shining your light. Learn tools that help you to over come those feelings and the anxiety you are feeling to live your life with more confidence, self-esteem.

As part of a session or sessions with me you will learn tools to support your change. 

IIf you want to know more about me, read the About page. 


Contact me to arrange a free 15 minute discussion 

to see if I can be of service to you.

Hypnotherapy and Coaching in Essex based in Barking and serving London and Essex.

I use a blend of skills and techniques to work quickly, effectively and safely to get the outcomes you want.   My aim is for you to make big changes in as few sessions as possible and to empower you with techniques to continue your self-healing.  Although every client is unique, you may only need one session to get the shift you want in your emotional state allowing you to get on with your wonderful life.  Some of the issues I can help you with my Hypnotherapy and Coaching Skills are


     Anxiety or worry

     Feeling down, depressed

     Always Angry or Frustrated

     Grief or Sadness

     Abandonment or Rejection

     Chronic Pain

     Fears & Phobias (including fear of heights, needles, spiders, insects, snakes, bees, 
     wasps, lifts, flying, clowns,  dentists, enclosed places (claustrophobia), open places       (agoraphobia), and others)

     Nail-biting, hair-pulling, hair-chewing, etc.

     Public Speaking (in person or on camera)

     Self-criticism, Self-sabotage, Self- confidence, Shyness


Please note that I practice complementary therapies and a few alternative therapies as well as coaching. These are not intended to replace any treatment you are receiving from a medical doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist and you may want to discuss your intentions with them first.  I am happy to contact them and explain what I am doing to help you.  For further details, please see the Terms and Conditions page.

Hypnotherapy and Coaching in Essex based in Barking and serving London and Essex with Linda Campling. 



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