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Please read this, it is impor­tant. 

Coaching and therapy work can transform you, affecting your life, but only if you are willing to actively participate. 
Payment must be made in advance.  Receipt of payment confirms your appointment.
You can buy your own EMwave (TM) or the mobile phone  version at a 10% discount through me from HeartMathUK (TM).
The American Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) has recognised TFT as being effective for treating Personal Resilience/self-concept, Self-regulation, and Trauma and stress related disorders and symptoms.  It has also recognised the treatment as being promising (i.e. more research required) for treating Depression and Depressive Symptoms; General functioning and well-being; Phobias, panic and generalised anxiety disorders; and symptoms and other Unspecified mental health disorders and symptoms. As of February 2020, the UK authorities have not afforded the same recognition.
In addition to a main treatment modality, I will be using energy work either to support or as the main treatment. It is important to realise that I make no claim that energetic healing will help you.  You should always seek professional medical or psychological help for physical or mental or emotional issues.  I believe that energy work is real and helpful.  There is some scientific research to support that belief, but it is not recognised as being scientifically proven to be effective across the breadth of issues. Energy Healing is not a sure thing.  Of the people who are open to it, many get emotional and spiritual healings.  Some people may get a physical healing, but unless it is in a research situation there will be no proof that it was the energy work that made the difference. 
The most important participant is you.  Your inner wisdom and spiritual information will guide you.  Listen to what people have to say, think about it and come to your own truth.  Please don't give your power and authority to another, no matter how much you respect them.
Your beliefs, programming and emotions will affect your health.  Experimental research with placebos has shown that what a patient believes can have a large effect on the outcome of a treatment.
The therapies I use are complementary treatments, and generally not an alternative treatment (except for TFT).  Please do not stop taking medications or seeing your doctor,  psychologist or psychiatrist.  It may be that as the energy work supports you, your doctor may reduce the strength of, or agree that you may stop taking your medications, but you should not do that on your own.  
Please note that all therapies are improved by adopting a healthy lifestyle, including getting sufficient rest, good nutrition and exercise.  In addition, physical practices such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga and stretching will help your body.  


Cancellation Policy:
Linda has limited time to help those in need.  A “No charge" cancellation will be accepted no later than 3 days before your scheduled appointment, for a genuine reason.  You may re-schedule your session once, after that your payment is forfeit.  No payment will refunded. 

No guarantees of results are given.   
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