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Hello and welcome,


Are you stressed, overwhelmed, near to burn out or traumatised? Or do you want to clear issues that have been coming up for you?  I can help.


Can't follow the advice of the experts on how to maintain your mental health because it's part of your job to watch the news, to anticipate and respond to current events.  Are you on call 24/7, or it feels like it. Not able to find time to recover, but know you need to do something and soon.  I can help.


I've experienced extreme stress, overwhelm that comes with working in public service.  I now have techniques to calm down in seconds, and others to deal with the underlying issues that are driving you. 

I have recovered from many emotional experiences. Now I help others regain emotional and spiritual balance in their lives so they can live the life they want and deserve. 


Contact me to arrange a free discussion of up to

15 minutes to see if I can be of service to you.

I use a blend of skills to work quickly, effectively and safely to get the outcomes you want.   My aim is for you to make big changes in as few sessions as possible and to empower you with techniques to continue your self-healing.  Although every client is unique, you may only need one session to get the shift you want in your emotional state allowing you to get on with your wonderful life.  Some of the issues I can help you with are:


     Anxiety or worry

     Feeling down, depressed

     Always Angry or Frustrated

     Grief or Sadness

     Abandonment or Rejection

     Chronic Pain

     Fears & Phobias (including fear of heights, needles, spiders, insects,
        snakes, bees, wasps, lifts, flying, clowns,  enclosed places
        (claustrophobia), open places (agoraphobia), dentists and others)

     Exam Anxiety

     Public Speaking (in person or on camera)

     Shyness, Self-confidence, Self-criticism, Self-sabotage



Please note that I practice complementary therapies and a few alternative therapies as well as coaching. These are not intended to replace any treatment you are receiving from a medical doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist and you may want to discuss your intentions with them first.  I am happy to contact them and explain what I am doing to help you.  For further details, please see the Terms and Conditions page.



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