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All healing is self-healing; when working with you I'm your guide to help you to re-discover your authentic, healthy self. 

Psy-TAP(TM) and VCART(TM) 

I'm one of only 300 Practitioners in the world trained in these two modalities evolved by Kevin Laye, D.Psy.  Psy-TaP is short for Psycho-sensory Techniques and Principles.  It's a technique that triggers rapid and permanent change by tackling the root-cause of an issue.   For example: trauma, anxiety, panic, phobias, addiction, bullying, depression, other emotional issues and many behavioural disorders.  Based on the principle of pattern interrupt, it effectively removes the emotion attached to an event, though you still recall the event. V-CART or Visual Coding and Re-patterning Technique is part of Psy-TaP which uses light patterns to wipe out the feelings or upset that are triggered by thinking about your issue.  By taking away the triggered feeling, the emotional or physical response you have to that feeling goes too. Then, when you think about the triggering event or an event that reminds you of the original event, your normal feelings are disrupted allowing you to be in control of how you react, giving you back control of your life.  Suitable for most adults and children, it is ideal for people looking for fast and permanent change. 


Energetic NLP(TM) Levels 1 - 5

Developed by Art Giser by combining NLP with Energy Healing, I use this to underpin all my work with you.  Permission based, it can help to clear blocks that are preventing you from healing.

HeartMath (TM) 

HeartMath was developed in California in the early nineties.  It is particularly good for stress, providing techniques that can be used in-the-moment, and to develop resilience. I'm certificated to work with both individuals and with groups.  HeartMath is a system of simple and powerful self-regulation techniques which are easy to learn and designed to be used in the moment, in any situation, allowing you to bring your best self to your personal, social and professional lives.  Ongoing research by the HeartMath Institute continues to show how important it is that we stay self-regulated in any circumstance.  The automatic Fight, Flight, Freeze response draws blood away from our thinking brain (the pre-frontal cortex) and digestive system to get our bodies ready to respond.  However, we are not likely to be physically fighting another tribe over hunting grounds, or a sabre-toothed tiger, or a snake.  In our modern world we need our thinking brain to be acting at peak performance all the time.  These techniques quickly assist with reducing the stress hormone, cortisol, which adds weight (fat), prevents sleep and a host of other unwanted effects on our bodies. Clinical studies show significant improvements in depression, fatigue and anxiety.  Whilst not necessary, results are attained more quickly if the HeartMath tool is used - Inner Balance is available for any mobile phone.  Used by health organisations throughout the world including in the UK, Nuffield and parts of the NHS, HeartMath is also taught in the military and to first responders. The Dutch Police train all their officers in these techniques, as do many police forces in the USA. 


TFT (Thought Field Therapy) to VT Level (TM)

This is the original tapping technique.  Devised by an American psychologist, Roger Callahan, in 1979, it can heal a variety of emotional issues through tapping with the fingers on sequential points on the body. Other sequences can set you up for the day, reverse brain fog (when you put your keys in the fridge and the milk on the table, or are stumbling over words you wouldn't normally) identify foods that may be adversely affecting your body, etc. It is one of the foundations of Psy-TaP.  Recognised by the American equivalent of NICE in the UK, it can quickly relieve the emotional effects of various issues and some physical issues as well. 

OldPain2Go (c)

Developed by Stephen Blake to remove the chronic back pain that he was experiencing, protocols have been developed to remove or reduce (if there is still a need for it) pain and other issues. This is a talking therapy that communicates with your subconscious without putting you into a trance.  Information and videos of the success of this modality can be seen at  OP2G can help if there is nothing more that can be medically done, but manage the pain. Or, no medical reason can be found for the pain, or you have a degenerative condition that requires the pain to be managed.  there are 3 results possible with this technique, the pain goes, the pain is substantially reduced, or there is no change. If you truly want to be free of pain, this is an excellent modality.  Let's see if it can work for you.


I am trained in hypnotherapy, and can work with you in this modality, if you prefer.  It is not stage hypnosis that has you clucking like a chicken! Hypnotherapy is simply a way to deep relaxation that asks your Critical/Conscious Mind to step aside so we can do deep work with your subconscious mind without the Critical/Conscious Mind interfering with all its limitations and judgements. Your subconscious mind is where all your memories, limiting beliefs, emotions and so much more are stored. This is where the real work is done to make deep and lasting change.


Let me give you an example: I was still experiencing issues regarding my finances, even though there was no reason to. When I was in hypnosis, I discovered a time when I was about 8 years old and my Dad put 6d (6 old pence) for each of us on a horse we chose in the Grand National.  My horse won big. I overheard my Mum and Dad discussing whether I should get all of money that the bet had won.  They decided no, and I was given only a part of the winnings.  I learned then that I didn't deserve to have money and even if I did get money, it would be taken away from me.  So in hypnosis I cleared that limiting belief that stopped me from acquiring savings and the emotions around getting money that had stayed with me for so long!


There’s really nothing hypnotherapy can’t help with. Book a free consultation.


Kinetic Shift(TM)

This modality can be used to remove emotional or physical issues using a combination of NLP, visualisation and eye-movement techniques.

NLP(TM) (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)  Originally developed in 1960s by Grinder, Bandler and others by modelling successful psychotherapists of the time, this modality uses language and visualisation techniques to effect change.

MasterCoach(TM)  Developed by Nicki and Tony Vee this Coaching Certification is accredited by the IAPC&M


Reflective Repatterning(TM)  Developed by Christopher Milbank, who also developed Brain Stare and Rapid Release.  RR is a combination of verbal languaging and facial holds that clear emotional issues from many different points of view in one session.

The Journey - Developed by Brandon Bays, this modality has been taught around the world.  A guided imagery session using NLP techniques, gestalt and energy work leads a person to clear fundamental issues, often from childhood, that affect their current emotional and physical life.  Please note that whilst I've used the techniques extensively, I'm not yet an accredited practitioner. 

Energy Healing (All energy healing can be done remotely) Energy Healing has been tested by many scientists and books have been written (e.g. Energy Medicine by Dr Norman Shealy MD, PhD).  Whilst the mode of operation of the healing effect is not agreed by scientists, the results are statistically significant i.e. not a placebo effect. 


Rei-ki The most well-known of the energy healing modalities, it was brought from Japan to the west by the Hawaiian, Hawayo Takata in 1938.  She taught 22 teachers who all promised to keep to the original Usui Rei-ki as she taught it and to pass the promise on.  My teacher, Barbara McGregor, was taught by Beth Gray, one of the 22.  Now there are many different types of Rei-ki that have since been brought to the west from other Japanese schools or added to by western practitioners. Takata taught that if you treat only the affected area of the body you may alleviate symptoms, but permanent healing will not take place until you treat the cause.  This can take a long period of daily healing sessions using Rei-ki.

Quantum Touch(TM)   Developed by  Richard Gordon and taught in the UK by Karina Grant. 

Reconnection Healing(TM)  Developed by Eric Pearl 

Rahanni Celestial Healing(TM) Developed in Maldon, Essex by Carole Stacy


 Other energy healing techniques I have trained in include Theta Healing(TM), The Emotion Code(TM) 


I also have a BSc in Biology, an MBA and I am an ACILEx (Ret.).


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