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11 Ways to Manage Your Stress

In this workshop I teach many different ways to manage stress.  I teach a technique you can use in-the-moment to stay calm and alert, without anyone knowing what you're doing.  If you can escape to be on your own somewhere, I teach several techniques you can use to reduce or remove your feelings of stress within 5 minutes and go back to your situation feeling able to carry on.  I also help you to notice when you are beginning to feel overwhelm and stress, so you can start applying the techniques as soon as possible. I then teach techniques to increase your ability to raise your resilience so that you find life easier and how often you feel over-stressed lessens.
This is a one day course, from 9:30am until 5:00pm with breaks for tea/coffee and for lunch (not included)
This workshop can be adapted for a speaker event and to the time available for your needs.
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11 Ways to Manage Your Stress

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