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Becoming Authentically You by Managing your Energy Body

In addition to a physical body, you have an energy body that extends beyond it.  This energy body, traditionally called an aura, can be scientifically measured to at least 8 feet by electromagnetic measuring devices, but it goes further than that.  It is thought that our intuition, our ability to know when we are being watched, who is calling, to tune into someone far away and know that they are alright comes from our ability to manipulate our energy body. 


Your energy body also picks up the emotions of everyone with whom you interact, however fleetingly.  These emotions, or thought forms, or progamming can affect us.  If not cleared regularly our physical body may react by putting on weight, or we may become ill or in constant pain. 


In this workshop I teach simple and quick techniques that can be used daily, or more often, to clear your energy body so that you can become the person you really are.

Manage Your Energy Body

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